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Are you considering making a big life decision and need some help figuring out which way to go? With our 30-40 minute consultation, we can help provide clarity and guidance for your future. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to answer any of your questions or concerns, no matter how big or small.

We understand that it can be hard to make decisions when there's so much on the line. That's why we are here to provide an unbiased opinion and advice on what steps you should take moving forward. We will discuss potential options and outcomes with you, helping to ensure that you make the best decision possible for yourself.

With our help, you will gain a better understanding of how these decisions could potentially affect all aspects of your life - from academic goals and career aspirations, to family matters or personal ambitions. We can also help prepare you for any potential challenges or obstacles that may arise from taking such a step. Ultimately, by providing an objective perspective based on facts, we can help equip you with the understanding needed to make informed decisions about your future.

Tailored For...



1. GUIDANCE CONSULTATION (In-person or Over the Phone)

A Guidance Consultation is tailored for individuals transitioning from school to university or preparing for life after school, and may cover topics such as the following (*Relevant to each individual)

Assessment of Interests and Strengths

  • Identify the individual's interests, strengths, and areas of passion to align with potential study or career paths.

Exploration of Career Options

  • Explore various career options and study pathways based on the individual's interests, skills, and goals.

Understanding Educational Pathways

  • Provide information on different educational pathways, including university programs, vocational courses, apprenticeships, and other training options.

Goal Setting and Planning

  • Assist in setting realistic study or career goals and develop a strategic plan to achieve them, considering short-term and long-term objectives.

Resume and Application Support

  • Offer guidance on creating a compelling resume, preparing job applications, and refining interview skills for university admission or job opportunities.

Researching and Selecting Institutions

  • Support in researching and selecting suitable universities, colleges, or training institutions based on academic programs, location, and other preferences.

Financial Planning

  • Provide information on financing options for education, such as scholarships, grants, student loans, and budgeting strategies.

Transition Support

  • Offer strategies to navigate the transition from school to university or the workforce, including time management, study skills, and adapting to new environments.


Moativation & Vision
Empowerment & Confidence
Informed Decision-Making
Clarity & Direction
Preparation for Challenges
Objective Perspective &Expert Guidance

"In the midst of decision-making, clarity emerges as guidance illuminates the path forward."


Your options

In-person options are available at our 123Hub building in Browns Plains, QLD, and when numbers permit, delivery can be arranged at a provider's site or a central and accessible location nationally, see group bookings below.

Our online options are offered via zoom or teams. They can be purchase via Eventbrite see the buttons below. 

Option| Over the Phone or Virtual  Guidance Consultation  

  • E
  • D
Length over week period (9.00am - 12.00pm half day sessions)

Capacity 15 - 30 Participants 

Refreshments (In-person only)
Dependent on delivery time morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea may be provided. Not included in online delivery method.


From $700 incl GST per person

Option| In-person                   Guidance Consultation

  • E
  • D
Length over week period (9.00am - 12.00pm half day sessions)

Capacity 15 - 30 Participants 

Refreshments (In-person only)
Dependent on delivery time morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea may be provided. Not included in online delivery method.


From $700 incl GST per person

Information for Providers

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As a Participant
  1. Receive a Welcome Email
  2. A phone call within two days to book a date for a workshop or webinar
  3. An Activity Schedule email
  4. A reminder sms and email 24-48 hours prior
  5. A Certificate of Participation emailed to you within two business days of completion
Organisation or Service Provider
The Group123 Support Team have four weeks to engage the Participant and start the activity unless you have booked an onsite traditional delivery with a min of 10-15 Participants. Call 1300 323 123 or email

  1. Referral confirmation email
  2. Emailed Invoice or Receipt
  3. Communication if Participant engagement proves difficult
  4. Emailed digital copy of Participants 'Certificate of Participation' within 2 business days of completion


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Group Bookings

Length Over week period (9.00am - 12.00pm half day sessions)

Format Primary method of service is Online via interactive group webinars and individual support services.

There are face-to-face workshop options available at our 123Hub building and when numbers permit we offer delivery at a Providers site or a Central and accessible location nationally.

Capacity15 participants for workshops, or 30 for webinars.

6 Months delivery from $7,260
Up to 15 - 30 people e.g. $484.00per person.Venue cost and catering not included. Additional costs incurred when delivering over 2-hour or half-day sessions.

Measures Pre and post survey for the full program.

Accelerate Your Future


By purchasing the Support Service | Consultation, Accelerate Your Future, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. The program fees are non-refundable once payment is made, and any cancellation requests must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the scheduled start date. Participants are responsible for ensuring their attendance at scheduled sessions, and any missed sessions will not be eligible for rescheduling or refunds. Group123 reserves the right to make changes to the program schedule, format, or content as deemed necessary for the optimal delivery of the program, with notification provided to participants in advance whenever possible.