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These services complement our Moativ8 workshops and webinars, enhancing your path towards personal development and well-being. Led by experienced therapists, these sessions provide a safe space for individuals to address mental health concerns, personal development goals, and life challenges. Through shared experiences and expert guidance, participants gain valuable insights, learn coping skills, and foster personal growth.

The group setting offers opportunities for mutual support, validation, and learning from others' experiences. The therapist guides the discussion, provides psychoeducation, teaches coping skills, and facilitates interpersonal interactions to promote growth and healing within the group. Group counselling can be beneficial for individuals seeking support, connection, and personal development in a safe and confidential environment.

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A typical group counselling session is structured to provide a supportive environment for participants to explore and address various topics related to their mental health and well-being. Here's an outline of what a typical session might look like:

Duration: Group counselling sessions typically last around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the specific program and the needs of the participants.

Welcome and Check-In (10 minutes):

  • The facilitator welcomes participants and establishes a safe and respectful atmosphere.
  • Participants are invited to check in and share how they're feeling or any updates since the last session.
Topic Introduction and Discussion (30-40 minutes):
  • The facilitator introduces the session's topic, which may vary depending on the program curriculum or the needs of the group.
  • Participants engage in a structured discussion around the topic, guided by the facilitator.
  • Topics may include stress management, communication skills, self-esteem building, coping strategies, etc.
Group Activities or Exercises (20-30 minutes):
  • Participants engage in activities or exercises designed to deepen their understanding of the topic and promote reflection and self-awareness.
  • Activities may include mindfulness exercises, role-playing, journaling prompts, creative expression, etc.
Sharing and Processing (10-15 minutes):
  • Participants are invited to share their insights, experiences, and reactions to the activities or discussion.
  • The facilitator guides the group in processing emotions, identifying key takeaways, and exploring any challenges or barriers encountered.
Closing and Reflection (5-10 minutes):
  • The facilitator summarizes key points from the session and highlights any upcoming events or topics for the next session.
  • Participants are invited to reflect on their experiences during the session and set intentions or goals for their continued growth and development.
Overall, a typical group counselling session aims to provide participants with opportunities for learning, self-exploration, and support within a structured and nurturing environment. The specific topics and processes covered may vary from session to session based on the goals of the program and the needs of the group members.

Selection from a variety of focus topics each spans over 5 sessions (One 40 mins - 1.5 hours session a month)


Anxiety what their feeling e.g. Are you feeling nervous or angry or anxiety explain in a short 1-2 sentences

Anxiety: Explore the various manifestations of anxiety, from feelings of nervousness to anger, and learn coping strategies to manage symptoms effectively.

Depression: Navigate the complexities of depression, understanding its impact on mood, motivation, and daily functioning, while exploring avenues for healing and recovery.

Corporate Burnout: Address the challenges of burnout in the workplace, examining the signs and symptoms of professional exhaustion and discovering strategies for self-care and work-life balance.

Separation: Navigate the emotional upheaval of separation or divorce, providing support and guidance to individuals coping with grief, loss, and the process of rebuilding their lives.

Anxiety Management: Learn effective strategies to manage anxiety symptoms, promote relaxation, and cultivate resilience for improved mental well-being.

Depression Support: Explore coping mechanisms, self-care practices, and resources to navigate through depression and promote mental wellness.

Stress Reduction: Discover techniques to reduce stress levels, enhance emotional resilience, and foster a sense of calm and balance in daily life.

Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem: Cultivate self-compassion and boost self-esteem to nurture a positive self-image and enhance overall mental and emotional health.

Effective Communication for Healthy Relationships: Develop communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships, fostering mutual understanding, respect, and support.

Anger Management and Emotional Regulation: Learn constructive ways to express and manage anger, fostering emotional intelligence and healthier interactions.

Grief and Loss Healing: Receive support and guidance in navigating through the grieving process, finding solace, and fostering resilience in the face of loss.

Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention: Explore strategies for addiction recovery, including relapse prevention techniques and building a supportive recovery network.

Trauma-Informed Healing: Understand the impact of trauma on mental health and well-being, and explore trauma-informed approaches to healing and recovery.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Mental Wellness: Cultivate mindfulness skills and incorporate meditation practices to promote mental wellness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

These topics provide a holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing various aspects of mental health and personal growth within a supportive group setting.

"The goal is not to eliminate negative feelings, but to learn how to hold them lightly."



In-person options are available at our 123Hub building in Browns Plains, QLD, and when numbers permit, delivery can be arranged at a provider's site or a central and accessible location nationally, see group bookings below.

Our online options are offered via zoom or teams. They can be purchase via Eventbrite see the buttons below. 

What's On|In Person                Group Counselling

  • 6 Sessions over 6 month period
  • Endorsed by a health professional 
  • Delivered as 2 hour session at 123Hub in Browns Plains

Length 2 hour session Face-to-face once a month

Capacity 10 - 15 Participants (Min 10)
Resources Comprehensive practical documents to support learning and follow-up resources via email.


From $2,400 for 1-session in person, min10 or $8,000 up front

From $240 for 1-session in person, per person or $800 up front

What's On|Online or Over Phone    Group Counselling

  • 6 sessions over 6 month period
  • Endorsed by a health professional
  • Delivered as 2 hour session on Zoom or Teams
Length 2 hour session Online once a month

Capacity 10 - 15 Participants (Min10)
Resources Comprehensive practical documents to support learning and follow-up resources via email.  


From $240 for 1-session via online, per person or $800 up front

Information for Providers

How to refer your clients to our pre-scheduled deliveries..

  • Select an element
  • 1hr session | 1 Day
  • Flexible times to suit your needs

Length  1 Day In-person or 2-hour session Online (consecutively)
Capacity 30 Participants
Resources Comprehensive practical documents to support learning and follow-up resources via email.

From $195 per person per element          

WHAT's Available


Moat Exploration & Mind-Body Alignment

$400 Inc gst

  • 1 Day Delivery, per person
  • 2hr Workshop In-person or Online
  • Experience Moat Exploration & Mind-Body Alignment, a blend of mindfulness and develop coping mechanisms for mental health challenges, fostering overall wellbeing. Connect with your inner self and surroundings, while cultivating a balance between life, work and more..

$1,320 Inc gst

  • 3 Days Delivery, per person
  • 2hr Workshop In-person
  • Our holistic wellbeing program is meticulously crafted to empower existing employees or individuals as they navigate life, employment, or educational pathways while confronting mental health challenges. Rooted in extensive research from positive behavioural psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience, our program delivers a comprehensive approach to nurturing mental and emotional wellness. 

$600 Inc gst

  • 1 Day Delivery, per person
  • 2hr Workshop In-person or Online
  • Therapeutic transformation and counselling provides personalised support for growth and positive change. This compassionate approach, allows individuals to explore challenges, strengths, and goals, empowering them to overcome obstacles within a peer setting.
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By purchasing the Counselling Session, Group in-person | Virtual, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. The program fees are non-refundable once payment is made, and any cancellation requests must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the scheduled start date. Participants are responsible for ensuring their attendance at scheduled sessions, and any missed sessions will not be eligible for rescheduling or refunds. Group123 reserves the right to make changes to the program schedule, format, or content as deemed necessary for the optimal delivery of the session, with notification provided to participants in advance whenever possible.